Thursday, March 14, 2019

odd parts on the Ferrari Testarossa, and it's competition, the Lamborghini Countach

the Lambo had a turn indicator stalk from a Morris Morena
The Ferrari had electric window switches from an Austin Montego

So says May and Hammond on this weeks The Grand Tour


  1. The Morris was a Marina, not Morena.

  2. That's the sort of thing James May would know. In 1998 a friend in Missouri had always wanted to own a Mustang, but when she was finally ready to buy a new car she got in a new Mustang and was immediately put off because the instruments and switches all looked like they came from the Ford company car she drove for work every day (and hated). Which of course, they did. I tried to tell her that was sort of the modus operandi of the Mustang from the beginning, i.e., parts bin economy of scale, but that tore it for her, no Mustang.