Tuesday, February 12, 2019

showroom-only cars were given special hoods with clear panels so the new exciting engines could be seen without lifting the hood (cars look better with hoods down)


  1. Now won't it be cool if they could have made a heat resistant Plexiglas window that could actually be sold with the car. Well, at least until the engine blow by got really bad.

  2. This post reminded me of this eBay listing for an 1980s British car that was cut open for a museum exhibit.


    1. Thanks Rob! Posting that! Wow, that might be a cheap way to get a lot of parts for another Astra, or vice versa, if they have a parts car that can donate doors and engine!

  3. A friend has a Chevy SSR he put a clear window in the hood to show off the chrome and blower. 13 years later it's still clear as a bell.