Thursday, July 12, 2018

The wheels on this GTX are Ford-bolt-pattern 15×8 Magnum 500s because, in the owner's opinion, Mopar didn’t offer a 15-inch wheel that year that looked good enough.

I really don't understand. I get it, 15 x 8 wasn't easy to get with Mopar, I think I read they only came on hemi cars... so most guys have 14 x 7. But "Ford Bolt pattern"? Does anyone understand what that means?

Ford and Mopar both used 15 x 4.5 inch bolt patterns, so, those wouldn't be different.

So, all I am left thinking is that the writer meant to say that this GTX owner found that the Ford 15 x 8s were chromed, and the Mopar version didn't look good because it used a trim ring?

example above of the non chrome trim ring type Magnum 500

I'm asking because I found this written in the Feb 2018 Muscle Car Review

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