Friday, October 09, 2015

What's the difference between a sports car and a muscle car?

Is the simplest answer a back seat?

Vettes, AMXs, Morgans, etc etc etc are never going to be considered muscle cars.

Is there a simpler go - No/go deciding factor?

The answers sent in through the comments are that sports cars can corner, muscle cars can't


  1. Difference: Two seat sports car. Muscle car: beefed up family sedan. That's the way I've always seen them...

  2. sports cars can actually handle curves.

    muscle cars cant.

  3. I've always felt that muscle cars were designed for another purpose. Moving family, being practical, etc. And some cheeky OEM decided to shoehorn a massive motor in for some fun on the weekends. Sports cars were only ever to be fun vehicles. The pony car has a foot in both camps, but most modern enthusiasts seem to have forgotten the difference between pony and muscle cars.

    Love the blog, first time commenting.

    1. well said... and glad you like the blog!