Monday, July 15, 2013

Busted! My ordinary post was copied in full by a 'bot, and that scraper blog posted my telling it's readers to come here for the real Justacarguy content, not the copy

Notice the URL is maryafreiria blogspot, some scraper bot nonsense, and they use the banner function to call their rip off "JUST CAR GUY"

What a cheap, 3rd world - knock off

My post title "if you aren't reading this on Just A Car Guy. blogspot ... " was the same post title, and wouldn't you think any moron would just erase this post from all the content they stole from my site?


  1. Do they have an rss feed into the site? If so, you can change the address. Also, you should report it to Report it as an of the selections.

    I did a google and they have been ripping you off since Nov 2011. There is nothing showing on a who is search or a google Facebook or You Tube channels under that name. I doubt it is even manned by anyone. If you report it, they will remove it. Hope it never happens to me.

  2. You can report his blog. If he's impersonating you, there's a section for impersonation. Good luck! :)