Thursday, January 10, 2013

only available on magazine racks in stores, for some reason, Source Interlink Media doesn't send these to the subscribers of Hot Rod Delux, Car Craft, or Hot Rod Magazine. I would, wouldn't you?

If you hurry, and get looking in drug stores, grocery stores, etc etc you might still get a copy of Hot Rod Delux, Best of the Best. I got the last one in CVS Pharmacy when I went today... because I was looking for Overkill. Rat Rods and not so millionaire hot rods like you'll see at GoodGuys events. This is the first issue of Overkill, and I haven't had time to read either yet.

They both cost 17 dollars and change together, it's 8 dollars apiece and tax.

and it's time again, the last issue of Elapsed Times (from the Car Craft and Hot Rod magazine people) was in August. It was great. Worth the money and the trip to a store to find one.

While you are out there, look for Street Rodder Premium too


  1. I'm trying to get my hands on overkill... that srp with the red hot rod is the summer 2012 edition Jesse, this is the srp 2012 winter edition :

  2. Overkill is a great new Magazine, just finished reading it. I also live in San Diego if you want the copy.

  3. Hafta look for Elapsed Times. Don't know who is on the CT70, nor the fools lying on the ground, but isn't that 'da Grump' there willing the budding Knievel on?