Sunday, November 04, 2012

3 Jeeps, and the impressive aftermarket add ons that you can buy for Jeeps that they displayed

 Not only the jeeps caught my attention for the colors, but the aftermarket add ons are very useful and cool... the extra gas tank rear bumper, the extra gas tank on the spare tire swing arm, the light on the extra gas tank, the massive front bumper and Warn brand winch, roof rack variety, and air induction snorkle


  1. do you know what kind of after market rear bumper with the extra gas storage is called?
    I have seen it a few times and cannot find it online to purchase.

    1. I don't, but try the off road and 4x4 companies... ORW Off Road Warehouse and others. They ought to jump to help you spend your money with them getting you what you want