Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One owner 1964 Shelby AC Cobra 289 sells for 475,000

CSX 2305 is one of the few one owner Cobras that existed.  found on

This original Shelby Cobra was purchased by Ed Johnson at Kansas City Ford in 1964. Johnson was the county Medical Examiner, and he raced and autocrossed the Cobra on a regular basis, earning numerous trophies and awards along the way. These awards, along with extensive documentation, will accompany the car to its new home.

I know of three others.

You ought to know I've already posted about them, and taken photos several times of the Hank's CSX 2227 , and a gallery of Carroll's CSX 2001 .

The most famous person and longest owner of a Cobra besides Carroll is Herbie Hancock CSX 2006  or read the story about Herbie and his Cobra at

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