Sunday, January 09, 2011

First time I've come across the Stone Woods and Cook gas coupe mustang Dark Horse 2

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  1. I packed the chute for them at the San Antonio Dragstrip in 67(?) Seemed everyone tried to surround Beswick's Pontiacs, but I could see the Dark Horse II was a big step away from the current cars like Beswick's. It ran as I suspected it would, though the chute (I packed) didn't open on the second pass. Doug assured me it wasn't my fault, he had gotten sideways, but let up for a fraction of a second, getting straight and driving past Beswick from behind. The tie rod had bent, toeing in the front wheels so it only went straight with full power on. Letting up/shutting down transferred weight back up front causing the front to shake so badly he couldn't grab the chute release and teh rear brakes (only) meant he was off the end of the strip before getting stopped. I wonder if they are going to replicate the rather large water tank he had mounted in the right rear that was used as a bigger heat sink than other cars without radiators.

    Jim Young