Monday, February 19, 2007

The King is dead, etc etc etc. Dorks killed Motor Trend Classic, after 24 issues

These uncanny "trend" spotters are getting out of the ring, and pissing me off. I frickin loved my Motor Trend Classic every issue. Some fricking executives have decided for reasons unknown, that they couldn't keep that one title going.


For media inquiries contact: (so I have)(and will print the reply if they have any)
Elliot Sloane
Sloane & Company
570 Lexington Avenue, 24th FloorNew York, NY 10022
Telephone: (212) 486-9500

So here's why I'm bent out of shape. I just renewed my subscription, and that doesn't just imply, it guarantees! that they knowingly had requested m,ore renewals of a soon to be cancelled title. ? They also published the November / December 2006 issue without a mention that it was the last.

I realized one was late (yesterday) and called just an hour ago to find out if I'd mistaken the renewal amount, or forgot to send it.. etc etc etc was it my mistake?


They haven't even mass mailed out information about the cancellation, or what they intend to do with the money they hold in good faith that they are going to produce the issues YOU the subscriber have already paid for. MuscleCar Review pulled this stunt last year. I sent the check and subscription card in, they mailed a form letter in return, that referenced that they were returning my check.... but the envelope wasn't sealed on arriving in my post office box, and no check was returned, nor did the customer service dept come through with anything after having them on the phone.

Motor Trend's customer service was cool, but you have to go over all your info, like anyone is going to prank with anyone elses subscription.... wtf... and after confirming all the mailing address, phone # etc, we get to the fact that they'll apply the next 12 issues they owe me of MTClassic, to any other title (135) they produce. So the ladies were nice on the phone, heck, I feel sorry they have to deal with pissed off customers... that's all that gets me to call customer service of anywhere. Complaints. You are sure to find that the complaint department doesn't accept calls, emails, and so on, just letters in the mail.... ever hear of the dumpster? "Made of recycled materials"? Complaint letters, I'm sure.

So, these luddites eliminate a great magazine I've previously lauded here, in other postings, but you can still find that the website is active for Motor Trend Classic which is;
"About Motor Trend
Motor Trend, a PRIMEDIA publication, was founded in 1949 and has a circulation of 1.1 million and a total readership of 7.1 million. Internationally recognized as the world's number one automotive authority, Motor Trend is one of the leading brands in automotive publishing. The Motor Trend brand is comprised of Motor Trend Classic,; Motor Trend Radio; Truck Trend; Motor Trend International Auto Shows; Motor Trend en Espanol; and the renowned Motor Trend Car, Sport/Utility and Truck of the Year Awards program."

This is directly copied from the website
on the 19th of Feb, 2007 at 6:48 PM, California time.

No mention that MTC no longer exists

No mention that MTC no longer exists (in the press release page) which states The editorial is approachable and involving except when they are not approachable about the demise of the magazine. Morphadites.

No mention that MTC no longer exists (on the Motor Trend Classic webpage of the Primedia website) nothing about how the magazine is kaput.
the Editor in chief Angus MacKenzie did a video on how cool the magazine WAS, and it is here, and the magazine was the best. WAS, the mooks killed it and haven't stepped up to say so in a single medium available, print, press, or video. the git Angus says "subscribe at so you don't MISS A SINGLE ISSUE!" HA! you putz, wanker, etc. And 'ya know he's familiar with the brit term "WANKER". putz (in the marvelous Walter Matthau line to Jack Lemmon in Grumpy Old Men "Putz!")

HE ends his promo with the line, "This is one fun ride (pause for dramatic effect) that you don't want to miss."

I'm throwing down the gauntlet to the whole crew from the former MTC, who've axed a damn good title. And given no notice. I've been a subscriber to Motor Trend, and about 5 other Primedia publications, maybe more than 5... and that one title was better by far, than Motor Trend. Lets see, Street Rodder, Hot Rod, Car Craft, Automobile

News on the head execs of Primedia New York Post September 18, 2005 Peter Lauria

From Teds Garage, what happened seems to be the big dogs left the Primedia empire and got rich, then.... the whole Primedia empire goes up for sale... figures,-Motor-Trend-For-Sale.html