Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ever wanted to drive a Lambo? Got $11,000?

This company appears to be in Both San Diego and Las Vegas, and for $11,000 up front, 90% is just the security deposit that you get back, you get to spend 30 minutes in a half day tour.... yeah, I know... 30 minutes drive time, for a thousand bucks........ you'd need a good reason.

So what the half day tour is, I've no idea. It boils down to a thou for 30 minutes to me.

The San Diego company is a luxury (obviously) car rental agency, S D Prestige, and they have 6 expensive cars that you can basically test drive for a thou.... ok, I think the Ferrari dealership isn't going to let you test drive a 360 Modena Spider, or a F430... 'cause you'd like to see what it feels like. Hmmm, allright, this San Diego Prestige company might be on to a good thing in that respect... at least for those who are trying to decide which expensive car is going to be the next garage resident.

The list of cars is quite elite, Aston Martin Vantage, Lotus Elise, the 2 aforementioned Ferrari's, a Porsche 911 turbo, and a Lambo Gallardo.

All my info comes from an article in the Feb 17 San Diego Union Trib, so that's why it makes no sense... first the writer stated that you gfet 30 minutes drive time, and in the 5th paragraph Joe Michaud the writer of the articl, says you drive for 120 miles of predetermined route, both interstate and twisty mountain roadway... how you get 120 miles in 30 minutes, without a lot of tickets...... no idea. My public scholl mind comes up with 30 minutes to drive 120 miles, 240 miles an hour. I obviously suffer from not having a good college education.

None the less, somehow, 30 minutes, 120 miles, $1,000, after you get the security deposit back so long as you don't hit anything... and you swap cars 6 times... in the 120 mile drive. Cool, you get a shot at each supercar.

The route starts and ends in La Jolla, goes to Lakeside, the Wildcat Canyon Road, through Julian and Descanso, and back to LaJolla... all this info from the article write, I have not checked the maps to see how they did it, but c'mon, all six cars, in an afternoon? For a thou? The writer, Joe, did nail the reason for the rides..... the best damn gift you can give someone you trust not to wreck a supercar.... for a present on and anniversary, xmas, birthday etc....
Damn fine idea.

Thanks to the Union Trib for spreading the word. Check the link for better details. I hope your special someone does this for you, and carefully reading their website, you get 30 minutes per car, Cool!


ps, the Vegas drive has the following; Ferrari, Viper, Corvette, AMG Mercedes, Porsche adn that can be found at

I also looked at a article from Car and Driver magazine, and in London the same sort of thing is available.... a Maserati, Viper, Ferrari, Aston Martin etc are the cars there.