Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Thank you Bruce! He sent me his Gurney Eagle Charter Member patch and shirt that were part of Gurney's fundraiser to pay for F1 racing!

the shirt was made by Russell, the company most famous for great college sweaters and athletic wear

and short of owning a real Gurney Eagle, maybe one of the coolest collectables there might be is one of 5 fiberglass replacement nose panels


  1. Now that's pretty damn cool!

    1. I agree! You meet the nicest people when focusing on the car world

    2. I told my son many years ago when he was very young that fishing and cars were the common denominator between people no matter their background, politics' or race. That has held true to this day! You Sir deserve those items as you give back to us on a daily basis and I for one greatly appreciate it! Carry on Sir!

    3. thank you! And that's a good point, fishing and cars are the hobbies of guys from 8 to 80, every background and way of life