Wednesday, February 21, 2024

just at the edge of the car age and the horse drawn carriage... that's a Rauch and Lang, Kansas City Missouri, 1910

I posted the 1909 Rauch and Lang catalog years ago (in 2011) , and it made this easy to identify 


  1. Very interesting. Is that chains on the rear auto tyres? If so,I wonder how the horses and carriage gained traction.

    1. yes chains, horses have 4 legs, so- horsepower- and cleated shoes. The carriage doesn't have powered wheels so doesn't need chains, same reason there are no chains on the front wheels of the car

  2. I checked this out on Wikipedia for even more information. They moved to Chicopee Falls, MA around 1920. In 1929 they were about to produce a gas-electric hybrid. The stock market crash killed that. The company ceased operation in 1932. In Peabody, MA, about 100 miles or so east of Chicopee Falls, the Gas-Au-Lec was produced in 1906.