Sunday, June 26, 2022

huh, nice, and interesting, and new to me... the 1951 Beeskow Coupe from Rometsch Karosserie


  1. Lots of cool stuff. I've never heard of a Beeskow. The Fridolin VW's are adorable. The 1951 Karmann-Ghia has good style.

  2. Those last set of pics look like they are from Christian's (Grundmann) museum, the only Rometsch & Beeskow museum that I know of. He also has one of the Beetle prototypes (W38), a Westy prototype, oldest Hebmüller convertible known to exist, one of 8 T34 (Ghia) prototypes, one of the earliest buses, an original Herbie movie car, and my old car, a WRC\SCCA ProRally '73 Super that was featured in Popular Mechanics back in the 80s running the Alcan that I got off Al Shmidt's widow after his passing.