Friday, April 02, 2021

Bart Simpsonson had to tell me something. So, I had to reply,

He used the comment section to leave this tidbit:

Love this website, but I will go out on a limb here and say that I see NO floor jacks, but there are a lot of bottle jacks and likely other types as well. But NO floor jacks. Yes, they are on the floor and that is as close as it gets. No criticism here....

 thanks for the appreciation! 

 How long have you been enjoying the blog? 

 Then do me the small favor of answering me this, did you have to search long for something to nitpick?

 I've posted about 46,600 posts, so far, and there are many things to nit pick.

 So don't do that again.

 I'm not asking, I'm telling you. 

Do not nit pick. 

 I don't show up to your happy place and fuck your joy all up, do I? Have I? No. 

 I make a happy little thing, by myself, mostly for me, but some for a lot of other people, like Steve, RLK, The Mr Shinagami, JSFury, Nick, Tony, Dennis, Billy, NZCarnerd, Kim, Gary, Bob, Chuck, Burkey, Marc B, GreggBC, Autoclandestino, Shas, Timinator, turdherder, Lukypunchy, Pip Bip, Robert, Cactiki, and others 

And when you nit pick, it kills the happy feeling I get doing this just a bit more than the fucked up day I just dealt with while waiting to get home and look over this and post some more fun stuff. 

 You do this shit again, and I will stop, and turn this fucking bus around. 

 I don't need you to do anything but avoid pissing me off. 


YOU don't need to compliment me, you don't need to discuss interesting stuff, tip me to cool stuff to share, or add info to make things better informed.

 Just enjoy the fucking ride, and leave me the fuck be while I do a nice god damn thing. 

You think I am unaware of the correct term, of a floor jack, bottle jack, scissor jack, floor stand, jack stand, bumper jack, or brother Jack? 



 Just sit there, look at the pretty pictures, and bite your fucking tongue if I don't get it right. 

 I'm a whole lot better, when not interrupted because you need attention brought to a mistake I've made because I was god damned tired, but still trying to find one more cool thing to share.

 Listen, do you hear that? That's what the big empty sounds like when there is no one making nice things for other people to enjoy. 

Did you make something for the rest of us to share? Something we could enjoy? A thing that made us laugh, smile, admire, get interested in, learn from, or about? 

Or did you kick the fucking crutch out from under my fucking arm?

 Don't be the miserable piece of shit that floats in the pool, wrecking everyone's favorite place to drift along, enjoying the view.

 Maybe, you've got something, that you like, that you do, that other people enjoy.

 Maybe you don't. 

But when you are enjoying it, does some dog walk over, and piss on the tire?

 Does that prompt you to look around for something to piss on? 

 Then go away if you're ever again overcome with the need to leave your puddle of piss on my floor because you can't hike your leg up high enough to hit that tire.


  1. damn shame the Pulitzer people don't hand out an award for a rant. Dennis Leary would certainly have a couple.
    And this rant, it might get nominated. I don't seem to be a good writer at anything else, but I might be sorta good at writing a rant. Maybe I learned it from dear old mom, or the constant shit talking in boot camp, or the cranky fucking COB on my first sub.
    If those, and Dennis Leary, played a part, I wouldn't be surprised.

  2. Your rant was the first thing I read today, even before the morning newspaper. It's gonna be a good day.

    1. and your comment was the 1st I read today, so, lol, you too, made it a good stay right from the start

  3. way to tell him. Epic. I like the site just as it is. It provides me enjoyment every day.

  4. I love the rant. I also agree with you. We all have blood running through our system, it supplies our brains and, yes, sometimes we mess up. Frankly, it only adds to the flavor of this blog because we are humans. Your blog is a delight. I learn from your histories and photos. Beain fertilizer is important.

  5. And now I have the ASSHOLE song stuck in my head, thanks

    in case you've some how forgotten about Learys hit song:

    1. Ha! I know it well, as in the 80s, Comdey Central cable channel had him on a lot, and I think MTV ran his song as a video. I became very familiar with Leary, as a comedian, singer, actor, smoker, and hockey fan. He has a LOT of talent.