Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Karens have been around a while, and this one has her buttons all pushed by a skater, who has a great comeback to her caterwauling

above is the sweet spot of the entire event, below is a bit more before and after that moment. 

Trevor Ward, a 21-year old skateboarder and a friend were doing tricks on the campus property of the school on Oct. 12th 2013; they are then confronted by Principal Glenda Gerde who demands that they leave. She is ignored and tempers flare. The kid blows air at her, she smacks him on the shoulder 

This happened back in 2013, but, because Karens are a thing now, videos are getting made of compilations of individual Karens, and this video is part of that 

This Karen was simply a notch higher tuned than most, and pissed off EVERYONE as she made the news a lot, like when she was fired as Principal 

This is not the first time Gerde has been on the news. In 2010, she threatened to have parents arrested if they came onto school property before the final bell.  In 2015 she and the school were sued for tormenting kids with a draconian bathroom policy 

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  1. Jesse, I am scared. This is a brand new breed, the Walkie Karen. They are evolving. Run, while we can!