Saturday, April 04, 2020

I just read that Michigan's Governor Whitmer was elected on a Fix the Damn Roads platform

Never heard about that before, I wonder how many roads have been fixed so far, and what the eventual result will be of electing Whitmer vs the road conditions before and after.

In her 2019 budget proposal, Whitmer offered Plan A: a proposal that included an unpopular fuel tax that was attacked by legislators on both sides of the aisle, although no counter was ever made formal.

This year, Whitmer announced Plan B: an additional $3.5 billion toward the Michigan Department of Transportation’s five-year plan, committed to fixing crumbling roads and bridges along the state’s major highways.

Estimates say the bonds will pay for 49 large-scale projects, and accelerate an additional 73 statewide.

Her first time signing the state budget, and Whitmer vetoed $375 million dedicated to fixing roads and bridges.

Hours after vetoing millions to fix the roads, Whitmer convened the State Administrative Board — made up of the governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, state treasurer, state superintendent and the Department of Transportation director — to transfer additional funds, originally dedicated to roads, to local bus transit and rail roads.


  1. Replies
    1. Wins what? She's already trashing Michigan.

  2. I'm in Michigan and she's a horrible governor. Many, many people are having buyers remorse. She will be a one term pony for sure. I'm hoping she jumps in on Bidens losing campaign for VP. That will hopefully put the rest of her career down the drain.

  3. Well, she's a democrat, so there's that. No surprise.