Thursday, January 16, 2020

A Bentley driver with the gas pump hose dragging from the car, still ignorant of the damage they'd caused? Of course it's got California plates

and as per my theory that people who can be found doing stupid things are often doing more than one stupid things at once, like, stopped for a yellow light, in the crosswalk, past the limit line

What seriously baffles me, is how people this stupid, blind, unaware of how to add gas at a gas station, unaware they are leaving the gas pump without putting the nozzle back into the pump, unaware they have snapped off a gas pump hose, drive away from the gas station dragging the hose, without checking their side mirrors, and are unaware of the legal and correct place to stop at an intersection with a limit line and a crosswalk - can achieve a job where they are paid well enough to afford to live in California and afford a Bentley, and car insurance for a Bentley, and gas in California. How do morons get that rich?


  1. There seems to be some correlation between more money and less common sense. You see it on the road so often.

  2. It's a mystery that will baffle historians for next 2000 years.

  3. I'm guessing a) Trophy wife, b) Trust fund kid c) Felipe Massa.

    1. I was thinking trophy wife or mistress.

      Don in Oregon

  4. I saw my first in person drive off about 2 months ago in Tucumcari New Mexico. Older Ford pickup, man in a suit, I'm sure he is local and profusely embarrassed. The clerk had a ready made sign. She said it happens about twice week!