Tuesday, January 15, 2019

1967-69 Camaro hub caps (the factory called them wheel covers)


I'm posting all that because I saw this:

and I realized I've never seen a hub cap like that on a Camaro, or, never noticed those hub caps in the years before I started this site. http://annualmobiles.blogspot.com/2018/12/house-chevrolet-co.html


  1. I’m sure you already know this, but to your younger readers that might not:

    Back in the day, the covers that covered the whole wheel was known as wheel covers. These were used to dress up the plain steel wheels that were the norm at the time.
    Originally, and still technically, the hub cap is the cap that covers the nut which holds the hub assembly together and on the axle.
    An alloy wheel has a cap covering the center hole in the wheel and has commonly been called a hub cap. (Not sure why they make alloy wheels with a hole in the center as you can't really access the hub through the hole. Maybe so they can put their logo on it.)
    Maybe because as steel wheels became less common and alloy wheels the norm, the name hub cap become synonymous for both.

    On a side note: I once owned a 1970 Cutlass Supreme Convertible. Not long after buying it, I got a flat tire late at night while driving on I-5 through Stockton CA. When I pulled the wheel cover off, underneath I discovered the previous owner had mounted a set of those white spoke rims commonly seen on Jeeps and trucks from the 70’s and 80’s, and then put the stock wheels covers back on!
    Unfortunately for me, the lug nuts were no longer the same size as what the tire wrench in the trunk fit.

    1. oh those cheapo white triangle cut ones? With the red and blue thin pinstripes around the edge? Wow, you got taken by the used car salesman. Sneaky bastard. I know how bad they are, did you read about how effed up my 69 Bee was when I bought it? Garden hose for pcv line, clothes line holding the radiator to the support, stop sign for a trunk bottom, 4 different rims, 3 different wheels (2 identical, 2 other didn't match anything) but all the same sized, dead battery, I can't recall what else.
      Anyway, I get it, wheels are the metal part, tires are the rubber part, but... everyone I've ever talked to or read from calls the duo a wheel, the metal a rim, and the rubber a tire. So, due to so many terms in the lingo and jargon, and some things being called different words in different areas of the country, or world... like soda, pop, coke... dinner, supper for evening meal... stuff like that, I go with my familiar terms, as no one ever said a wheel cover flew off during the car chase in Bullit, they only say hub caps. I think it's from the 60, and 70s, when entire businesses were earning a living by selling wheel covers found on the road sides and bought from junkyards

    2. also, I don't think I have young readers. Lol... I can't imagine they'd give a damn for all the old stuff I post. I mean, the odd suspension on a 40s packard? the gabriel friction shocks? Hassler shocks? Etc. I don't do new Lambos, McLaren, and Porsche comparisons, news about the new Vette and Mustangs, or whatever the kids are into.