Thursday, December 05, 2019

Believe it or not, there were two Scouts at SEMA that looked like this... and I forgot to take photos of the other one

I believe this was in the Overlander area to show the diesel engine, a Cummins,

not my video, not me recording, but it's nice to get a video look at cars in addition to photos.

The other was the Gas Monkey Garage "Hellscout" - and Mike C sent me a photo - he's a help!

Crazy huh? That two of these, with the same side decal, would show up at SEMA the same year


  1. You don't see any of these around anymore where I live in upstate NY. The winter weather along with the salted highways made these things early rust buckets, much like the early generation #1 Broncos. However there is a guy in Watertown NY who has a 70's era International Travelall as year round daily driver. And amazingly it's in pretty nice shape

  2. The other was dropped and looks amazing! I have a pic I could send if you like 👍🏻