Tuesday, June 18, 2019

coffee and donuts machinist video... casting a big propeller and machining it to specs


  1. At 0:15 in the video, "....will haul her liquid cargo 124 million miles, roughly five times the distance to the moon"/// A video production by people who don't have access to books, or google, or a calculator, or pencil and paper, or friends smart enough to tell them, "that ain't right".

  2. The profiling is much more accurate theses days. Recall the USA government retaliation against Toshiba for selling propeller profiling machines to the East.

    1. I said not much has changed. You're arguing that MUCH has changed? based on a machine accurately forming it? That's not much, it's merely more accurate, not drastic, not impressive, not even breakthrough.
      The difference between the old screw, and the new screw, is only measurable with what? Laser scanners? gallons of fuel used by comparison, of which no side by side test has ever done...
      So, you're simply being argumentative.
      Stop that. Go be an asshole somewhere else.
      Also, the Toshiba case wasn't about the tech involved, it was the designs of US military ship props (we call them screws) and their inherent noise signature that other navies would then have access to learn, and use that info to possibly sell to enemies of the USA