Sunday, April 29, 2018

Brendon has spent 5 years working the metal on his Firebird to get it ready for the track... those front tires are 275 40 18s, and they don't rub, lock to lock. The panel gaps are uniform throughout, even at the door beltline, and they swing open without contacting the fenders

left in clear paint so you can see how much work went to making the metal fit a tighter tolerance for gaps, track use, scoops added to the 1/4 panels, and flush mounting the bumpers

if I were making a magazine feature of this car, or selling a book on how to get a car track ready, I'd take dozens more photos, but not many people are going to work a Firebird to this level... so it's just as useful to tell you to look through upcoming Car Craft magazines, this is going to be featured in one. With build photos, details, etc

the fire wall was cut and remade, the engine was set back, the front sway bar was mounted above the k member and between the engine and radiator, 1 1/4" I think he said... Detroit Speed and Engineering (if I recall correctly) assisted on suspension, you can see new bracing through out the engine bay

the seats were remounted further back, as Brendan is a bit over 6 foot tall. A rollcage was installed that can have a couple pieces removed if more work is needed in the future to change the rear suspension or bracing. It looked to me like the car was lowered over the frame a couple inches, but when I asked he corrected me and mentioned a 4 link, and stuff I simply can't remember... like I said before, I've got a terrible memory

Looks like the rear bumper was sectioned and stretched, and I remember that the wheel wells were cut out and clearanced for the rear tires

And pretty damn cool... when you can get a Hot Wheels toy made of your car!

Speaking of that... you might be able to. Hot Wheels launched a nationwide tour, details in the next post


  1. I just picked that Hot Wheel up this year as I have a '69 Firebird that I inherited from my Aunt and Uncle back on '99 before they past away. I keep hoping Mattle will do a '69.

    1. You inherited a 69 Firebird? WOW! That's great! You know I can't recall things well, but I think maybe you've mentioned to me before that you have a couple of cool cars. Are you in San Diego?

  2. No Jesse, I'm on the other side of the country in N.Y. Still cold here, but suppose to warm up tomorrow. In this area we have two seasons. Winter, which last anywhere from five and a half to six months, and CONSTRUCTION! Which last the remainder of the year. Sounds like fun, don't it?