Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Roy Rogers, after the end of his cowboy movie career, in the 50s he was spokesman for Chrysler Dodge, and went to Bonneville for speed week, and in the 60s, switched to Nissan

In 1954, the Dodge division had a new 241 CID Red ram hemi V8 and popular celebrity spokesman  cowboy Roy Rogers. Here’s Roy with the bright yellow Royal convertible pace car for ’54, decked out with Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels and a continental spare tire.

During speed week Roy ran his own Chrysler Town And Country station wagon with dual carbs to 107 mph.

Roy liked the Patrol, so Nissan offered him one (plus two pickups and a station wagon) in return for endorsing it. They still make a Nissan Patrol, some 40-50 years later

Late 50's early 60's photo of Roy Rogers piloting a Powercat Boat. The boat was powered by twin 70HP Mercury Outboards.

Yellow Jacket Boats were wooden boats made in Dennison, Texas from 1949-1959. At one time Roy Rogers was part owner and spokesman for the company.

Boat photographed at the Roy Rogers~Dale Evans Museum in Branson, MO. https://www.flickr.com/photos/9385421@N08/3062838644/  it closed in 2009, as it was losing money due to not enough people remembering Roy and Dale, and wanting to stop by the museum.

And Roy was part owner of a sports car dealership

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