Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Dozens of vehicles washed off a Jeep dealership in Little Falls NJ during a flood, then jammed up under a bridge, and the resulting lack of a culvert to drain the river, caused houses to flood. Those homeowners blame the dealership!

The area of Caldwell, in the Passaic Valley of New Jersey, received about 5 inches of rain on Saturday before 8 p.m. the National Weather Service reported, on top of already saturated grounds,  resulting in severe flash flooding of the Peckman River,  on Saturday afternoon, Aug. 11.

Peckman River, which runs through Little Falls and Woodland Park, overflowed its banks causing flash flooding throughout both towns.

Woodland Park Mayor Keith Kazmark said that the situation was exacerbated in the area by a pile up of multiple vehicles at the Route 46 Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealership. About eight vehicles were swept with the current into the river and, ultimately, into the highway bridge.

Video of the vehicles from the dealership being swept away by the flash floods and piling up against a bridge in the Peckman River quickly went viral after the storms Saturday. Forty-two cars in all washed away and stacked atop one another, and officials said that created a makeshift dam that diverted water to the streets and flooded homes around the river.

The owner of the New Jersey car dealership (Rt  46 Dodge/Jeep) where dozens of vehicles were swept away by flash floods over the weekend is now blamed by neighbors who feel the dealership car are the cause of diverting floodwater into their streets and homes.

but here is what that river looks like without a storm caused flash flood

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