Thursday, February 15, 2018

1950 Nash at the 456th Change of Command at Castle Air Force Base, CA. 1963, with the jolly humor that most military squadrons, platoons, commands have had for silly things like the group's informal car

The "two star" flags on the Rambler Command Staff Car are misleading, as it's actually carrying the departing, and incoming Lieutenant Colonels.

The "El Jefe" (The Boss) decals on the front fenders hint to the tongue in cheek spirit in which the car was decorated by the squadron members…

The story goes, that it was originally fit with an F-106 pitot tube and mast. Which despite sporting a "remove before flight" tag was removed at request of Air Police, who deemed the needle a pedestrian hazard

The images are terribly distorted because the only source of them on the internet I can find does not have the images. Google shows them as being on the forum, but the images don't show up there, just the thumbnails in google


  1. Very cool for me to see these.

    My father was stationed at Castle from 1965 to 1970. I was 2 years old in 1965. He was with a F106 squadron.
    When he retired in 1975, we moved back to the area and I lived there until 1997 when I move to Wisconsin.

    I have a picture of me autocrossing my TR6 on the flight line at Castle, maybe this same piece of concrete.

    1. Right on!!
      There are more photos from Castle on that link, but, they won't show up on my computer from page 19. I can see them all distorted on google images though. Did you move to southern or northern Wisconsin?