Monday, December 11, 2017

anyone recognize this dirt race track packing 3 wheeler?


  1. Sorry I'm a bit late, but I just stumbled across a gif of this beautiful creature and wanted to see if you'd posted it before. It doesn't look like there's much information on it, but I can supply some more angles: (More photos in the comments)
    "Verzani Farms Ponca Nebraska" doesn't turn up much info, either.

    1. You're a great guy! Thanks! Nothing ever became of my request for assistance 4 months ago until you told me what this is! Now I can finally post about it!

    2. did you see the great big bear trap on the running board where the driver would step to hop in the truck?

    3. Any time! Glad I could finally contribute something to my favourite blog! It's great that you could find some more information on it, too.
      I did not! I never found that Facebook page with that video on it. Normally I'm not a big fan of just sticking random stuff on rat rods just for the hell of it, but that bear trap made me laugh. It suits it perfectly, as does that awesome ship's wheel. It may look the part, but now imagine if it were a functional anti-theft device!
      Kind of hard to tell, but the cab, hood, and grille look like they're from an early '40s ('42?) International K series to me. What are your thoughts?

    4. Yep, I am dedicated to making a good post, one that makes the case for how impressed I am, and what I see in something that makes it worth sharing.
      It's definitely an IH base vehicle they worked with. As to which one, I'll pass on that, it's sure to be more time consuming than I can spend on it, just to guess at the year. Gotta go do more stuff, make more people happy!

    5. Definitely. It's obvious by the quality of your posts and it's certainly why I keep coming back. That and the sheer variety of stuff you manage to find.
      But yeah, that's fair. Definitely an International base. I'd honestly love to know more about the mechanicals of it, like what was fabricated and what wasn't, although it looks like most of it was fabricated anyway. It'd be interesting to see more of the steering mechanism, too.
      If I stumble across any more on it, you'll be the first to know. Keep it up!

    6. You can just ask the guy, use the message function on Facebook!

      And thanks!