Saturday, April 29, 2017

nice matched woody and boat

How about that, a boat and it's factory matching trailer. I dig that. I've never heard of Kelson Boats before though

you know I love cool old outboards and original vintage touches like the sales and service stickers, right? It's rare to see them on bikes, motorcycles, scooters etc, but those are the only things I've seen these type of stickers on


  1. My dad had the identical engine, a 1950 Johnson Sea Horse. He used it for easily 30 years before trading it for a 35hp with tiller controls. The 10 got new plugs every year and never once broke down, excepting shear pins and busted props. It looked just like this one when he traded it and it broke his heart to do so. It never saw salt water which is pretty unusual in Florida.

    1. that is a cool story, thanks! Darn shame he traded it, but other than having stuff taking up space I guess we have to move on with some things. Only because we can't afford bigger garages of course... I love outboard collections, and have posted a couple last summer

  2. why would you paint a wooden boat?

    my father always had some old cars, when i was a kid,( I was born in 65) we had a
    1960 model wood boat called a Flying Scott Yellowjacket, that was of course yellow from the factory, my dad bought it in about 1975, and first thing we did was strip the paint and clear coat it.
    I remember it had McCulloch 65 horse outboard on it, with a brass propeller.
    then we'd take it to the lake hooked behind his tourqouise and white 1959 Ford Skyliner Retractable, (which would be worth about $45K now, but he paid $550 in '78 ) both were only about 15 years old at the time, but they always turned alot of heads.

  3. I love the fact that the out board has fins on the cover. It reeks with "The Cool Factor."