Saturday, January 07, 2017

if Clarkson is right (The Grand Tour episode 9) it's a 20 euro fine for putting cops lights on your car, and coercing slow dumb drivers out of the way, but a 400 euro fine to tail gate them, plus 2 points plus 3 month driving ban

if you have a slow driver ahead of you and tailgate, it's a 400 euro fine, 2 penalty points, and 3 month driving ban

if you pass in the slow lane 150 euro fine and 1 point

if you use the emergency lane, it's 1 point, but only a 90 euro fine

if you put on police lights, it's only a 20 euro fine, and no points

The Grand Tour, epsiode 9, minute 17 and 15 seconds

So... consider the alternatives, and choose the one that least affects you if the police get involved

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