Wednesday, September 21, 2016

In April 1975, a single Jaguar was used to test the aircraft’s rough airstrip capacity, by landing and taking off multiple times from the M55 motorway in Lancashire England,

the final test flight was conducted with a full weapons load; the ability was never used in service but was considered useful as improvised runways might be the only runways left available in a large-scale European conflict.

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  1. In 1986, I was on vacation in Switzerland. We found that the Swiss Air Force are trained to carry out air operations from temporary highway airstrips. In case of crisis or war, several stretches of road are specially prepared for this option.
    The Swiss were still using Vampires and Hunters at the time and while waiting for a train at a level crossing, we saw a Vampire land on the road ahead. It turned off the road into a field where there was a picturesque cow shed - the whole side opened up and the plane disappeared inside.