Thursday, March 10, 2016

after bus duty, and tour coach use, it looks like this Pickwick bus was converted to train use in Mexico

thanks to Steve for sending me this image, it's the first time I can remember seeing a bus converted to be used as a train

here are a couple photos from a post 3 years ago about the short lived Pickwick buses (the only buses I've seen with woodlite headlights)


  1. In 1970 I took a train out of La Paz, Bolivia across the the high plains toward Lake Titicaca. The "train" was an old Ford bus with train wheels. Still had the old Ford V8, and the driver had to shift through the gears of the floor mounted transmission to make it go. Still had the steering wheel for the "engineer" to hold onto.

    1. Cool as a concept, I think the look of it would be far more enjoyable than the ride in it... too bad some things are impossible to find photos of on the internet

    2. I've got some somewhere. I'll send one along if I find them!

    3. wow, thanks! What were you doing in Bolivia in 1970?

    4. Well, DUH, I was heading up to Peru from Brazil, of course!