Saturday, June 06, 2015

Terrific Chevelle converted by Fantomworks for wheelchair use

No muscle car had ever been made powerchair accessible before, until FantomWorks partnered with the Wounded Wheels Project to create a completely powerchair accessible Chevelle

To make the Chevelle accessible, a power reverse opening third door had to be installed in order to fit both the ramp and the width of the powerchair, and this was by far the most difficult part. The mechanic struggled trying to get as much room as possible, and this door was key. There’s also a custom articulating ramp, hand-controls that use an old cable based control system to save on costs, a lowered floor and my favorite part – a genius motorized sliding table that guides the wheelchair into position once you enter.

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  1. I must have missed that episode.

    Fantomworks is one of the better "reality" car shows on the air (or is that "over the cable" these days?).

    "Fast and Loud" is pretty funny, and "Overhaulin" is OK, but a little too "compressed" for me.