Saturday, January 10, 2015

some of the 100 year old cars in San Diego met up this morning, I wish this happened more often, they are very interesting to look over

the above is a 1913 Isotta Fraschini S1 and a full gallery of it from last year

They even made a Facebook page for this event, so everyone taking photos could put them in a single place

Marge got this great photo with perfect timing!

The local newspaper did a story on it too


  1. Great photos. Good fun drivers and very satisfying to work on, I'm sure.
    but the big question .... what are the red cars? FIAT?

    1. One is a Fiat, it has the radiator guard shield, the other is the Isotta Frashini 1913 S1 I did a gallery of last LaJolla Concours

  2. Great pics Jesse! Thanks! Love that badge from the H C C A 10th anniv. badge.

  3. Intersting to note the different fonts for the Buick name on the radiator and the Buick name on the fuel tank behind the passenger compartment.