Saturday, January 04, 2014

Why does the DMV make us take off our glasses for our drivers license photo?

Are they looking for another Clark Kent / Superman ?

Seems stupid to me to wear glasses to drive, glasses to read the DMV paperwork, and glasses most of the rest of the day, but not allowed to have them on while getting a permanent record of our looks on our IDENTIFICATION! Yes, the DMV is pretty stupid.. you can get your car registered at AAA but not get an H6 print out at AAA


  1. You have to take your glasses off because:

    -the glare from the flash reflecting in the lenses of the eyewear can distort the picture

    -it prevents someone with prescription sunglasses from hiding part of their face

    -there are certain styles of eyeglass frames that are so large they hide the face

    -a large portion (if not the majority) of drivers who are required to use vision correction to operate a motor vehicle wear contact lenses, therefore are more likely to not have eyeglasses on when their picture is being used for identification.

    So not all of it is just to piss you off, and give you a reason to think they are stupid, Not every rule out there is made just to inconvenience you,

    1. so appearing on your license as you do when a cop pulls you over makes sense to you? Ok. I already knew the reasons you've stated, but realized the clark kent joke was viable. That was the main reason I posted this. Considering that the DMV can't require the removal of religious headgear, like the turban, veils, etc... they are de facto hiding their faces behind the veil. As far as contacts, that has no bearing on what I posted. I also did not mention sunglasses. Of course these stupid rules aren't enacted to piss me off, I'm not of the mind that the world revolves around me. But I am getting the feeling you aren't catching onto what I post and why... as you missed the humor injected into what I posted, and the AAA H6 issue, plus the IDENTIFICATION issue, I'm shocked your comment was slightly irritated in tone.

  2. Look at the question asked in the title of the post. I provided an answer.

    If the entire point of your post was a one line "joke" about Clark Kent, perhaps you should have not bothered to add the following whiny paragraph and take a shot at the rules of the DMV.

    Additionally, think globally, not locally.

    H6 is a form for...the State of California. What percentage of your readers use that form?

    A quick Google search shows 3 states that allow a motorist to pay registration fees at a location such as AAA offices. What percentage of your audience lives in one of those states?

    But thanks for correcting my omission of religious headgear. While they obscure a motorist's face, the license portrait will provide a picture of the wearer shows the driver as they would normally be in public. (proving my point even further)

    I will readily confess tot he irritation in my post. Your editorializing and inclusion of comments about how "stupid" the DMV rules, or going out of your way to infer that all law enforcement officers are unfair, etc. is juvenile and tiresome.

    1. You do realize that this entire blog, is mine, every single word of it? No one else has ever worked on it or ever will? Anything I say here is for my own purpose and entertainment more than for anyone else, and it's nothing more than a place for me to store the stuff I enjoy for when my memory is completely gone due to Alzheimers and then I can sit back end thoroughly enjoy everything here, as I've been the one to choose everything here for my enjoyment... of course, you aren't aware of that. Well, anytime you are upset or irritated, simply find something else on the internet to enjoy. I don't charge for this site, you didn't have to pay or subscribe, and I'm not going to give a rats ass if I offend, irritate, or fail to live up to your expectations. If anyone likes what I do, well that is just gravy. Over 4 thousand people a day enjoy what I do, how many cheer for you? It's my thing, and not yours, and you are free to make your own and then do what you want with it. Telling me what, or how to think is your prerogative on your site, not mine. So? Shove off, kiss mine, and piss off. What you feel I should do with my site is meaningless to me. What part of my audience lives where, does what, or understands me is of no concern to me. I'm not selling anything here, and make no claim to be educational. Anyone entertained is welcome to continue to enjoy, anyone upset is free to bugger off and go find something else to enjoy. I answer to no one. I am the only one here, and whether I feel the DMV is a pain in the ass org with nothing to add to the greater good of society is my opinion, and I deliver it on my site. You? Do as you like to get some satisfaction in your own way. But give me shit? On my site? What the hell is wrong with you? You will benefit not from your attempt to straighten me out to see things your way. I didn't ask you for your opinion, and as you came to me, you might be suspected of looking to me for mine.

  3. Anonymous8:29 AM

    facial recognition and NSA spy programs dont work with sunglasses.

    Illegal mexicans can get DLs now with no birth cert, and no Socialist Security number, but Caucasian US citizens have to supply lots of supporting docs