Wednesday, February 06, 2013

great vintage race cars and trains found on Hagop Garagem .com

Above, winner of Pikes Peak. 1922 I think the photo was captioned

Quite a car, I love the anchors on the front bumpers... Anheuser Busch Ginger Ale is on the lifering, which causes me to guess this was during the Prohibition time, and they were using the car to drive up interest and publicity

Above, Coney Island?

I've never seen a nose on a locomotive like the above...

 damn, these are big locomotives!

Above are all images found in


  1. The fifth picture, of the Kiddie Train, has a banner in the background which reads, "SEE THE GREAT BALTIMORE FIRE". It just so happens that today is the 109th anniversary of that awful event. Most notable is that, despite over 2,000 buildings being destroyed, it resulted in only one death.

  2. C&O #502 is the 2nd of a class of 3 Steam Turbine powered locomotives, designated as M-1's, manufactured by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in collaboration with the C&O Railroad and Westinghouse Corporation, they were reported to produce about 6,000 hp. They were manufactured in 1947 along with their tenders and advanced designed passenger cars as test vehicles to determine if the steam turbine could compete with the emerging diesel electric locomotives in passenger service. Unfortunately, they couldn't, and service was terminated in 1948. The locomotives and their tenders were retired and the passenger cars sold. The above photo was taken in July or August of 1948 at Cincinnati, OH just before the end of service for #502 in September of that year.

    1. Thanks! You need to make a website about trains!