Thursday, May 16, 2013

From the movie Spinout, an Elvis movie

his character is a race car driver and musician. Natch. His driver is a 1929 Duesenburg Model J, it tows his Shelby AC Cobra 427

ove of several love interests for his character is the daughter of a rich guy, a very spoiled rich girl, and her daily driver is this nice Ferrari 250 GT

her dad has a race car business, and the gold car is the one he want's Elvis's character to drive in some big race

1965 McLaren

this blue car, oh nothing special. Just Max Balshowsky's Old Yaller mk IV

there are a half dozen cool cars in the race, not easy to get decent screen grabs of them though

the orange car, it's Bill Thomas's Cheetah 2

This movie featured CSX3002, 3011 and 3012 (427 competition Cobras), as well as CSX2203 and 2431 (289 Cobras)


  1. Hey pallie, likes Jesse, very cool post here for sure. D'ya remember that it was Elvis who idolized our Dino that tagged our great man, "The King Of Cool." The quote is somethin' like, "I may be the King of Rock and Roll, but Dean Martin is the King of Cool." Regards dude!

  2. Not to mention what appears top be a GrandSport Corvette! [one of two converted to roadsters...]

  3. It's a Ferrari 250 GT until she drives it into a lake, then it's a TR4 ;)