Monday, July 16, 2012

Comic Con from the vehicle perspective (Batmobiles in following posts)

 looks like the architecture was made for a bunch of sci fi - fantasy fans
 The best way to prove a Prius is green... use it as a planter.

Why is it like this? It's a prop for a tv show that opens this fall, Revolution. It's about the way America would deal with a planet wide loss of electricity in all applications. Nothing electrical has any function. Very cool show, I saw the first episode on preview night

 In the gaslamp, you can get pedi cabs that are set up for comic con related things.

 Now this movie prop with a Bugatti tag on the nose is for the movie Elysium, by the guy who made "District 9" and the trailer looks like it's going to be a really cool movie. Matt Damon and Jodie Foster star in it, and its Matt's character trying to get off Earth to the huge ringworld spacestation (Ringworld by Niven) to get medical treatment to save his life... because all the best of everything got off the planet, and moved to the station.

 One Bond car a day was displayed in this booth, and this Aston Martin from "The Living Daylights" is entirely fiberglass, even the tires

 The Total Recall vehicle, wow. It's been named the year 2087 Chrysler 3000. What last years display had was a police model, in Dodge name plate, and this one here is Chrysler. I think that is because Dodge had a Police car fleet scenario in place. Chrysler doesn't.

 from "Looper" with Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt

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  1. Not to be anal, but that's a Yaris, not a Prius.