Saturday, July 23, 2011

Boudoir cars and palace cars, the luxury travel of the 1870's -1920's

Woodruff's Silver Palace Sleeping Car, built by the Harlan and Hollingworth Company of Wilmington Delaware, for the Central Pacific Railroad of California in 1869

from the book  The American Railroad Passenger Car  By John H. White, Jr


  1. 1889 Knoxville Journal newspaper tells of the Queen and Crescent Route that uses the Mann Boudoir Car! My research for the Old Smoky Railway Museum in Knoxville, Tennessee found that our East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railway connected at Keathley on the map here which is better known as Oakdale, TN

    1. well that is great news! When you finish your research, can you share it with me, send me a link, or something?

  2. These cars only came regularly into Knoxville for several months ending in January 1, 1889. Now hope to find if the 19th century opera singer diva Adelina Patti ever came to Knoxville on her US tours. Seems she had a Mann Boudoir car personally built for her. She resided in her castle in Wales called Craig-y-nois.