Thursday, December 02, 2010

What happened to bury this 1950 VW 213 van will always be a mystery, but someone with a shovel and determination is restoring it!

I think the word BURIED describes it accurately

full gallery and story : thanks to Chris who read all the 61 pages of thread, and summarized the story for us

how the bus got buried:
In a nutshell, a guy had his kid bury it in the late ’50s or early ’60s so they could have a hunting shack in the woods. The guy who found it also found the ‘kid’ who buried it, only now the kid is an old man. The restorer is English but on a run through northern Europe ( Sweden ?) he stopped by and showed the bus off to the guy who buried it. It was good timing, too; the guy who buried it died recently.
The current owner also took it to the site where the lumber mill stood that owned it first. He then took it to Kempes. The current owners didn’t know anything about the bus but they were pretty thrilled that the current owner came by with it to tell the story. The employees gave him some older (but not period) Kempes coveralls and goodies.

and also from the link that I had yesterday from Gary:

For the other incredible resurrections of 21 or 23 window mini bus:

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