Friday, October 15, 2010

svammelsurium a Swedish automotive blog has posted that I've never even heard of before, South African Chevy Sports Coupe (Australian Monaro)

Above and below a Chevelle, made in South Africa. The hood scoops are quite a intriguing look.

Damien emailed me to let me know more about this car I've never seen or read about before (Thanks a bunch!) "It was common in the late 60's early 70's for slightly modified oz cars to be sold in South Africa

See wikipedia

(South African market)
Some HT series Monaro 'GTS' coupes were exported to or assembled in South Africa from imported parts by General Motors South African (GMSA)at the Port Elizabeth assembly plant. Later the HG series Monaro was assembled and sold in SA badged as the Chevrolet SS.

(Suddenly I want one of these, it would be the only one around)

At this time GMSA had made a decision to market most of its products as Chevrolets. The Chev SS as it became known in SA was based on the HG Monaro with revised front styling unique to the SA model and incorporating four headlights and large turn indicators in the front edge of the fenders above the bumper. Most of the Monaro / Chevrolet SS Coupes assembled in SA were fitted with Holden 308 engines. The Chevrolet 350 in³ (5.7 L) engine was available as an option in the GMSA assembled Chevrolet SS.[

Some more info and brochures for the sa cars:

Damien Haas

information from Damien ( Awesome! ) an Aussie with a great blog that has lots of Australian car show photography (expect a follow up post on that!)


  1. Actually, I think the first car is a Nova

  2. Hi Love your blog - I think this may actually be an oz built holden monaro, which were exported to SA and sold as chevys. i will email a pic.