Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gina asked me to help locate a Studebaker for her wedding day to drive from the church to the reception... I was able to help!

Back in March I found the following email:

I'm getting married this coming October in San Diego. I'm looking for a Studebaker to ride in on my special day.

My grandfather was an automotive engineer with Studebaker back in Indiana in the 40's and 50's. Since he is no longer here with us, I was hoping to have a Studebaker on my special day (instead of any kind of limo) to pick up my new husband and I up from the church and take us to the reception, as a tribute to my grandfather.

I looked on the website for the local Studebaker club. But when I looked at the member's cars I don't see any car with a back seat, so I don't think anything would work for us.

By any chance, do you know of anyone in the San Diego are that has a Studebaker (with a back seat), that may be up for chauffeuring a couple, for a short time, on their wedding day?

I know this is a long shot, but just thought I would try.

I responded with links to the SD Studebaker Club and some other places to try... and Brian, the Pres of the Stude club was great ( I already knew he was! ) and was able to spread the word about Gina's quest, and put an owner of a '46 President in contact with Gina.

From Gina;

Thanks to Brian Bennion (great guy) of the SD Studebaker club for finding a perfect Studebaker, Sean-Colin Fort for offering his 1940 President Studebaker and being the driver and to David Hepburn of for taking the awesome picture! :)

Thank you SO much for helping us! We really really appreciate it! :) It was a dream come true to ride in a Studebaker on our wedding day! Turns out the car used to be owned by someone in the Studebaker family and Sean-Colin's parents even used the car as their get-away car for their wedding.

Best wishes to you!
Gina :)

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