Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Smokey Yunick's Boss 302

Some of the fine artwork that Smokey performed on this 180 mph beast...

He took the starter, reversed the direction it pointed, reversed it's spinning direction, and mounted it next to the oil pan.... just to make room for the exhaust 4 into 2 into 1 hand welded collectors.

He took a wrong side / passenger side Australian steering box, and installed it in order to make room for exhaust on the opposite side from the starter mod I just mentioned.

For a better description of the tricks I just mentioned

http://www.ponysite.de/smokey.htm for more pictures

Now the conflicting info about this car is that one website says Vic Edelbrock owns and races it. Pictured here: http://www.trans-amseries.com/Drivers/VicEdelbrockMustang.htm is the formerly Follmer Boss 302. So, what's that about?

This website http://www.gordonline.com/commish/020105.html says Edelbrock owns the Smokey 302.... wonder why?