Monday, February 26, 2024

North Carolina volunteer divers found human remains in a car that disappeared 42 years ago in 1982

solving the mysterious disappearances of William Clifton, David McMicken and Michael Norman, who seemingly vanished on Dec. 10, 1982, after leaving a bar about 30-minutes from the final resting location of the car.

"We thought the car was upside down, but it was actually sitting on its wheels, but just everything above the wheels had deteriorated," Swain said.

After getting the necessary permits and preparations, they ultimately drained most of the body of water while the university anthropology experts studied the remains.

As the water was pumped out, they were able to get to the car, and the VIN number was a match to the missing 1975 Camaro that the missing trio drove in 1982.

It's a retention pond in John's Creek, that passes under the road, in a busy area that feeds into Pungo Creek in Beaufort County, North Carolina.

"We all rode passed this pumping station thousands of times over the years, and we just never went in there," Swain said.

I find it really weird that all 3 men died in the car. Was their foul play, did they do something that would cause them to be murdered? Since there isn't anything but some bones left to identify, I doubt any conclusion will be reached, but, 3 guys in a car drive off a road, exactly where the car will be in the deepest place a car can easily reach, and in such a way that all 3 men inside die, and the car was right side up? 

For years I've been posting these cars that have been found underwater, sometimes with the dead inside, and this is the first that I've felt it was likely that they were murdered. 

Hopefully all the recently solved "Missing Persons" that have been found in these underwater cars will motivate more local police to look underwater for cars, I've been posting these for years, so have some local news outlets. Does it really take more than that for cities and counties to get their police/water departments to just LOOK and rule out the possibility? Do you remember the Miami story I ran a couple months ago? Anyone could have checked there, or in this above example, anyone could have found this car

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