Tuesday, June 11, 2024

NO one is making great looking SUVs like this 52 year old K5 Blazer. Not Lambo, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jeep, etc. No one. Why the hell isn't anyone making good looking SUVs anymore?


  1. That Blazer looks great! Having said that there are some great looking SUVs out there. They may not be your cup of tea but there are several companies pushing the envelope in terms of design and comfort.

    Kia Telluride has been selling like hotcakes since 2020 specifically because it is great looking. People are willing to ignore the fact that it is a Kia because of its looks.
    If retro-modern designs are your thing the new Land Rover Defender and Ford Bronco are great looking.
    If you are more into the modern-futuristic designs Kia EV9 and Rivian R1 are great designs (not to mention the whole Genesis SUV lineup).
    The new Lexus GX/Landcruiser are amazing.
    As much as I hate the Cybertruck I have to accept that the Tesla X is a great design. Faster than just about anything else on the road today, gullwing doors and 300+ miles range.

    Plenty of options to choose from without going into the premium brands (Bentley, Ferrari, etc)

  2. Love the Plaid seats !