Wednesday, April 03, 2024

The 455 big block Olds V8 was replaced in 1977 with the 402.6 cu in (6.6 L; 6,598 cc) small block, Happy 403 day :-)

 thanks Elias!

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  1. I know that is a great but time consuming way to trim weight for a true race car. Street driven cars really need to be thought out structurally due to not everyone is going the same direction like racers. That shifter would make me a bit uneasy when speed shifting. Nothing better then having it break just above the transmission. Brake and clutch petals are another serious thought area. Anything dealing steering is another think about it area. There are computer modeling programs that will allow you to load parts or structures and tell you where they will start yielding and failing. I have that on Solidworks and have played with simple problems but I don't have the experience to do complex problems. Maybe in my next life. Common sense counts for a lot! Have Fun!