Sunday, November 19, 2023

Todd Touchberry started driving coast-to-coast in a 1920 Model T yesterday morning, and hopes to also break the current 14 day speed record for a model T going coast-to-coast solo, from South Carolina to San Diego

"The Journey for a Cure: Todd & his family set forth across the country in a 103-year-old car to raise money for hydrocephalus, a brain disorder that effects his daughter, and 1M individuals across the U.S." -

 The Touchberry's are on a family journey to spread awareness on the condition. Their daughter, Elizabeth, lives with hydrocephalus and the most common form of treatment requires brain surgery or surgeries.

 Elizabeth's family worked over the course of a year to prepare for their cross country journey in the 1920 Model T and raised money for custom, spare parts

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