Friday, August 20, 2021

Phil Brey wrote a song about the Union Pacific Big Boy, it's good, and catchy


  1. Thanks for presenting this to us. Great song and great video. I remember traveling by steam-powered locomotive trains. It is its own history filled with nostalgia as one understands the complexity of these steam-powered locos and the might. Typically, a steam locomotive was given a complete service after a run. So, a competent railroad had two locos for each run!

  2. thanks!
    thats a cool song and great video.

    I got to ride in the cab of a small steam locomotive thats used as an excursion train.
    it was very interesting, even a small one took three people to operate. one running the throttle, one operating the boiler water and one shoveling coal into the firebox.
    the one I rode in (which is no longer operable) built in 1952 for the US Army, was THE last steam locomotive built in the US.