Thursday, June 08, 2017

male taxi drivers feeling the sting of competition in Halifax... and just don't get the obvious. There is a real reason they are avoided and why women passengers prefer women drivers - and the news proves it

Halifax's newest airport car service has all-women drivers, a memorable name and number, and even a jingle.

Longtime airport driver Crissy McDow started the new company last week after talking to other female drivers who agree there's a demand for this type of business.

Lady Drive-Her is starting up just months after a city taxi driver, Bassam Al-Rawi, was in court for sexually assaulting a female passenger who was found unconscious in the car by a police officer.
and just after a Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador jury had to decide on the guiltiness of a on duty uniformed police officers sexual assault case when he picked up and drove a drunk woman home from downtown in his police cruiser.

Clearly drunk women are targets of men who will risk their careers and time in prison where they are likely to be raped on the typical North American courtroom bias that finds drunk women at fault for being involved in sex while intoxicated, and lets the men go free - whether they are taxi drivers or police.

But the limo drivers in Halifax are feeling the lack of business, and Lucien Jebailey, and Rick Watts complained to the news that they feel discriminated against because they are middle eastern and male. Well, tough shit, suck it up guys. You still live in world of male privilege and if you lose some business due to the human race's history of mistreating women creating an all female business model not taking any shit from men anymore, you're only getting payback for society's evils.

Same thing holds true for taxi and limo companies losing business to Uber and Lyft. The world of passengers is finally reacting to the ills in the taxi industry.

Time to get the message, learn a lesson, and get a real job. A taxi driver's career is in jeopardy. You've been warned.

For everyone else, help your fellow humans, be the boy scout, be the soldier protecting the vulnerable, be the hero. Don't let women get taken advantage of, don't let them get ruffyied, don't let them drive drunk. It's your sister, your mom, your daughter that you're going to prevent from a horrible experience if you step up. Your brother, your buddy, your shipmates are hoping you'll intervene and keep his sister or his mom safe when he can't.

I'm upping my effort, and if you don't understand why, up yours


  1. Well said, and good thing too that it appears here, where I suspect the majority of followers are male.

    1. Oh thanks! Yeah, I'm sure the majority of car enthusiasts are male by 4 out of 5 or 9 out of 10. Women aren't very keen on vehicles in general. I've only met one that ever raced in SCCA, a Buick GN no less, and when I go to car shows and concours I never see any women owners displaying their cars. I don't know what keeps women from enjoying cars, but I celebrate all that do, and have! It's all under my tag "women".
      If I ever get lucky and fall in love again it's going to be a woman that loves a clutch pedal, carbs, and can wrench!