Tuesday, May 23, 2017

just irritates me that people are hoarding, and letting them rust


  1. Man! That's killin' me! I just the restoration of a '68 Beetle and have been looking feverishly for an original left, rear fender and this place has dozens of them! This should be a crime.


    1. it's gotta be legal to buy and acquire stuff, but... damn it's irritating that other people snap up a limited resource, and then let it sit in public view while it depreciates while going unused. Maybe a law about driving every car you own once a month... that wouldn't be out of line, would it?

  2. alot of people old vehicles, that are sitting and rotting.
    they will sit and rot.

    it really burned me up watching Wayne Carini on Chasing Classic Cars buy a car for $38K and flip it for $510K
    he knew what the car was worth and spent half the show telling the seller it was worthless junk.

    now every potential seller thinks the buyer is just a flipper who is going to get rich telling you your car is worthless junk and then selling it for a ton of money.

    Plus we've all seen it,
    I sold a nice 66 Thunderbird one time, Id spent alot of time replacing the interior, etc, and found out the guy just wanted the engine, he yanked the engine and scrapped the rest of the car.

    and weve all heard the stories, Ive lived a few, of cars that you sold and now are worth 20X what you sold them for.

    years ago I had a 69 Mercury Cyclone Cale Yarbrough edition,

    sold it for $500, now that exact same car in the exact same condition is worth $50K

    friend of mine had a 69 GTO Judge 455/4 speed.
    he sold it at an auction for $1700, now its worth $75K

    why sell an old car when 15 years from now its going to be worth 35X what its worth now?
    keep it, and in a few years your kids can sell it and buy a house.

    1. Me too, I posted about him pulling that stunt. Not cool at all. And yeah, now everyone thinks they have a gold mine, and not a plain jane decent model. The few decent cars left are getting damn scarce, and the number of them is shrinking fast for anyone who just wants to buy a cool ol cruising muscle car to go to car shows with... now they can't get a decent Chevelle or Fairlane because sellers are convinced they have a Yenko value when they only have a 307 Malibu.
      Damn, a Cale Yarbrough Cyclone? Whoa! Very cool! And rare... I think I've only seen one real one.
      I agree with you about selling. Might as well hang onto them. Most are appreciating anymore, they all went to 20 or 30 thou all right, but only a few are getting over 50 k... 1969 Z 28 Camaros are, Corvettes are, and the best of the big block Mustangs, anything Yenko, Shelby, or other speed shop known by name. 15 years ago I bought my 1969 Coronet R/T for 26k, and it's not appreciated much. Auctions rarely have them, as they aren't very common or desired, but I'd guess I could only break even. Sadly, I didn't get a 68 Charger R/T, or a hemi anything, so... my car is just going to be a lot of fun, but not a great investment.