Saturday, December 03, 2016

the Keystone Antique Tractor Museum has 260 perfectly restored tractors, 170 on display in Colonial Heights, VA

One of the largest private collections of pre-1960 totally restored tractors, collectible cars and antique trucks on the east coast.

Keith Jones has a passion for all kinds of tractors dating back to the first one he fell in love with.

Sitting in an overgrown patch of weeds, a blanket of honeysuckle had made the farm tractor its own private trellis.

 Keith learned that his aunt was planning to send the farm tractor off to auction, to be sold to the highest bidder. Approaching his aunt Keith told her that he wanted the farm tractor. She said, “that he could bid on the John Deere M, just like everyone else!”

 Paying close to fourteen hundred dollars for his uncle’s old farm tractor, the John Deere M that he came to love.

Weeks later, to Keith’s surprise, his Aunt gave him back his money. She told him, “that his Uncle always wanted him to have it, but she didn’t want to just hand it over to him; she wanted him to earn it.”

Keith went on to restore the old farm tractor back to show quality. The restoration of the old honeysuckled covered John Deere M had Keith’s undivided attention, and throughout the years Keith has collected, and restored over 200 antique farm tractors and vintage road trucks that are now housed in the Keystone Tractor Works Museum.


  1. What is that bad-ass yellow baby in the lead photo with the radius wheel wells & looking like a 60's Competition Coupe?

    1. that is a Minneapolis Moline model UDLX. Wow, that's the first time someone asked me a question about a place and tractor I've never seen that I've been able to answer and not tell them to do their own homework.
      That terrific cool ol tractor is a favorite of mine. Click on the tag under the post,