Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pure awesome to close out the week and set the new record this year for the most posts in a week

It cost a million dollars to do the mod, it's the only one in Norway

There are probably not many who are equally grateful to run excavator as 26-year-old. In return, there are also few who runs an excavator as unique as his.

With the support of Nav and Assistive Technology, has Jakhelln contractor had constructed a machine specially adapted Knusten needs.

It has a hydraulic powered cabs that go down to the ground so that I can get myself into the cab straight from the wheelchair, Knutsen says. The modification has had a price tag of nearly 1 million, says Nikolai Jakhelln. - There is a lot of money for Nav to enter, but should have sat Tim disability benefit goes up enough accounts for only three or four years. This gives Tim a meaningful life, says Jakhelln.

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It's a mod on this articulated cab that raises up so operators can see on top of shipping containers

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